Beppe Robiati attended the Summer School in Scotland and met Kevin Locke, a descendant of the Sioux Lakota Tribe

Voyage Memories

Beppe Robiati has been the keynote speaker of the Bahai Summer School in Scotland, addressing the topic of the New World Order of Bahá’u’lláh. The partecipants included about 120 bahais and non bahais and the conference was held in a pleasent locality of Scotland, surrounded by prairies and forests. In this conference, Beppe Robiati met with Kevin Locke, who had been invited to address the youth on the topic of spirituality. Kevin Locke is a descendent of the Sioux tribe and dedicates his time to share the spiritual culture and traditions of the Lakota-Bahais around the world, travelling troughput 85 countries and accompanying his speeches with Native American traditional folk performances. For those interested, you can visit his website:
A great friendship sparked between Beppe and Kevin.

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