EBBF-AIESEC meeting of Acuto 2007

group of Acuto's meeting


Both Bahai and non-Bahai tutors, aligned with the Bahai vision (after having finished the Ruhi sequence of courses), have accompanied all participants in this wonderful journey towards this vision. Mr. Arthur Dahl, Mr. Saba Mazza, Mrs. Mehry Sefidvash, Mrs. Sandra Luschi, Mr. Enrico Giraudi, Ms. Denise Cumella, Mr. Alessio Brusemini , Mr. Cesare Fera and Beppe Robiati presented themes like environmental sustainability, ethical management of human resources to be considered as spiritual gems, the management of energy, a new international ethical conscience, the view that an organization is about people’s spiritual growth, the ‘know-how’ of communication innovation towards new models, the concept of leadership as an example of change and transformation towards a new sense of awareness. Quoting Baha’u’llah, ” Indeed in the estimation of men of wisdom keenness of understanding is due to keenness of spiritual vision ” allowed the participants to immerse themselves in an athmosphere of love and spirituality.

The program was a roller coaster of morning music, readings from spiritual writings, games, questions and artistic sessions organized in an excellent way by Mr. Naim Abid and Mr. Francesco Cappellaro. All of this created a spiritual athmosphere of learning and deep love which stressed the importance of the innovative vision of the Blessed Beauty.

The figure of Baha’u’llah, introduced at the opening of the conference and mentioned throughout all the readings, was the pivotal point of the meeting. The questions that were raised by the AIESEC participants during the dinner and lunch breaks to the Bahai friends that were attending were all answered by devoted Bahai friends. I would like to thank Nima, Saba, Nicola, Francesco, Naim, Rahim, Samare’ and Thomas for their help, devotion to the Cause and for the fantastic job they did in involving this mass of students in the themes of our Faith. The evening of Saturday was an evening where the participants expressed what they had learnt through music, poetry and art . A film crew which was present has recorded a video throughout the event.

Thanks to the vision of Baha’u’llah, to the inspiration of His Writings and to the concretness of His teachings, these students have been encouraged to align themselves with this vision and make it part of their lives.

Beppe Robiati.


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