The annual EBBF / AIESEC Italy event fills the Hotel La Panoramica in Acuto

February saw another EBBF full immersion weekend, organized for AIESEC Alumni and AIESEC members for many years now bringing together students from many Italian universities.
For the first time the event was also opened to a new group of secondary school sudents from Pavia. University Students from prestigious universities such as Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano o Federico Secondo di Napoli o Pavia, Firenze ecc-
A good group of AIESEC Alumni joined the event, for some of them the third time assisting, justifying their presence with statements such as “I need a dose of EBBF inspiration to allow me to continue my inspiration and strengthen my determination in applying my values which is so challenging in my work environment”
Over three days of talks, exchanges, many questions and many answers on the topics of new economic systems, business enterprise, sustainability and development, spirituality in the workplace, the role of women and of feminine wisdom, new energy and new consumption patterns, social entrepreneurship.
The Saturday evening entertainment show saw the participants divided in groups of five performing through some kind of art all that they learned during the event : it was quite extraordinary to see how clearly they had understood the key elements and visions offered during the events and how entertaining they managed to make their shows – it definitely gives us great hope considering the ingenuity and the alignment of values that these young professionals delivered.

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