Three portals of awareness Beppe Robiati
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Author & ©: Beppe Robiati Design & Webmaster: Claudio Malvezzi
Author & ©: Beppe Robiati Design & Webmaster: Claudio Malvezzi
Three portals of awareness
Three portals of awareness “Through me pass into the painful city Through me pass into eternal grief Through me pass among the lost people”... “…These words in dim colour I beheld inscribed on the lintel of an archway…” The verses written by Dante Alighieri in the third canto of Divine Comedy's Inferno refer to the dreadful quote inscribed on the entrance door leading to hell. Hypothetically, were the damned to leave Dante's hell, would they read the se same words verses before entering our world? For the reason that I say this because , observing the reality surrounding us today's surrounding reality today , I keep asking myself what distinguishes the life of those who read this inscription from outside the door mentioned by Alighieri and the conditions of those who live beyond it. Does the exasperat ed ing attempt to of humankind to adapt to the evolving environment adaptation distract man it from outer circumstances to such a point he it doesn't realize the infernal planetary conditions he it lives in? More than six billion people have adjusted to a situation of miserable mere survival! The world economy is crumbling; social justice has become nearly synonymous of injustice, we dare to call “children” one fourth of the world population whom we exploit for labour, sexually abuse, sell as cattle, let die from starvation and disease, who are emotionally abandoned by self- centred parents; religions, which in the name of God, the Clement, the Merciful annihilate each other for power; politicians' attempts are merely focused on obtaining and maintaining personal privileges; the environment has reached the ultimate stage before implosion, education is forgotten, undervalued and geared only towards producing a mass of unaware consumers consumer, and becom emptied of meaning es meaningless by inhuman methods and quiz-based systems; labour and business markets are reduced to a mad rush for making profits by a few, human beings are exhausted by daily conflicts, we feel hatred against whatever is not like us…This is the planet we live in, a planet which seems to have been forgotten by Who(m) He who created it, deprived by its richness, abandoned to a cruel destiny, nearly reduced to “a painful city”. Are we the “lost people” that Dante is writing about in the third canto? Looking back to with open and sincere eyes, we have to admit that the just recent ly ended closed century, which witnessed many social, political and economic changes, we should honestly admit it has deprived us from what, mostly most inherently , belongs to us as human beings. We have given priority to physical appearance, we exaggerated the need to satisfy our material needs, we invented new needs through the media which focus their attention on consumption of unnecessary products, we have promoted unbalanced economic developments for the benefit of a few, we have forgotten values of equity and sharing, we have based an important part of our life on increasing consumption and, in exchange, have obtained a constant ly and progressive ly unhealthy life conditions for the individual. Local and global media, piloted by a detrimental strategy of sensationalism and shocking first-page news, show us social tumours, life contradictions and conflicts. As the thirsty hobbling in the desert, we were infected by the “mirage”, by what we believe to we see, but doesn't exist.